Please be aware of the scam emails that originate from China that is individually addressed to you.

The email is designed to trick you into submitting financial or personal information to these online scammers.

The following email originating from various senders, such as Scott Wang <scott (at)>, addressed individually to you. The subjects vary and include examples such as 'CN Domain and keyword'. This unsolicited email you receive is a Chinese domain registrar (could be a certified registrar, agent, affiliate or private person). In the email, they explain that a supposed company is interested in some available domain names (typically .hk, .cn, .tw), which correspond to your brand name. They explain that only in a few days the other party will register these domains unless you secure them first. 

The domain registrar can even send you an email from the interested third party (it normally comes from a free-mail provider address) claiming that they want to register your domain names, and they are only waiting for approval from some third party. Please ignore these emails.

Here is an example snippet:

Dear Recipient,

Hope this email finds you well.The dispute period will be over soon but we have not heard from you since our last comunication. Anyone can obtain CN domains (,,, and internet keyword by registration because your company haven't registered this name as CN domains and internet keyword on the internet. You must know the domain names and internet keyword based on the international principle are opened to company as well as individual. Also, we have suggested they should choose another name but they insist on this name. As a domain name registrar, we have no rights to refuse their application if they insist. In this situation, we have told your company have priority to register China domain name and internet keyword during our dispute period. Could you tell us whether or not your company want to register these CN domain names and internet keyword to prevent anyone from using them?

Kind regards,

Scott Zhang
General Manager
China Registry (Headquarters)
8052, Douhai Building, No. 59 Baolian Road,
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 21 6191 8696
Mobile: +86 138 1642 8671
Fax: +86 21 6191 8697
Web: www