This article will show you how to Edit a Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) in Atom

Edit a Subscriber (MSISDN/Device)

Please ensure you have read the section ‘Viewing and managing MSISDN/Devices (Subscribers)

Once you have selected an MSISDN/Device select the ‘Edit’ Button to edit the subscriber: Below is a view and summary of the options available on when editing a subscriber. Once you have made the relevant changes you can select ‘Save’ which will permanently save the changes made. Note that changes are audited against your logged in account. To cancel any changes made click on the cancel page which will return you to the subscribers page.

  • Product: This is the bandwidth value assigned to the MSISDN/Device. Note that you can only edit the product assigned to a MSISDN/Device at month end as there are specific financial risks in changing a product mid month.
  • Provider: Here you can select the provider for the MSISDN/Device as being ‘Vodacom’ or ‘MTN’. Note that when selecting a Provider the network to which the MSISDN/Device (Subscriber) has been assigned will be specific to the Provider. I.e. All backend networks are either assigned to ‘Vodacom’ or ‘MTN’ therefore when changing the provider ensure that you review and select the appropriate ‘Network.
  • Customer ID. This is a field to which you can add any specific identifier you wish outside of a label and for which you may want to use for billing or other identification.
  • Username: This is the actual MSISDN, ideally this should not be updated unless the number was input incorrectly when the subscriber was created.
  • Enable: Tick means the device is enabled and allowed on the network. No tick means the device is disabled and not allowed on the network.
  • Daily Usage Emails: The system will send an email to the email addresses listed on a daily basis confirming the amount of data consumed by the device for the month to date of the email being sent.
  • Threshold Notifications:
  • The system will send an email to the email addresses listed on once a data value has been reached. I.e. If the MSISDN/Device is given a 1GB product and the MSISDN/Device then a notification has consumed 1GB will be sent to the configured email confirming the device has used all available data and has been capped.
  • SMS Notifications: Note this feature has not been enabled as of yet. However once enabled you will have the option to send the same usage and threshold notifications to any mobile numbers you list for the MSISDN/Device.
  • Soft Cap: The Soft Cap you will notice is grayed out. This is the actual amount of data that is assigned to the MSISDN/Device as per the selected product field.
  • Hard Cap: The total CAP for an MSISDN/Device is the sum of the Soft and Hard Cap. The purpose of the Hard Cap value is to assign an out of bundle rate to an MSISDN/Device (Subscriber). So as an example if you wanted to assign a total cap or 3GB with 2GB charged at Rx per MB and 1GB charged at Rxx per MB then you would configure a 2GB product with a hard cap of 1GB.
  • Max Sessions: This can be ignored as is not relevant to this environment. However, this option allows for a maximum of sessions to be allowed on the network from the MSISDN/Device. This has been disabled in the backend and so the value here can be ignored.
  • Description. Any description you wish to identify the MSISDN/Device (Subscriber)
  • Puk Number: If you would like to list the PUK number for support you can do so here. This is not a mandatory field.
  • Labels: Here you can assign any label you wish to the MSISDN/Device (Subscriber). To create labels see section ‘How to create a label’
  • SIM Card Number: a numeric value which is the SIM number for the MSISDN/Device
  • Network: The network to which the MSISDN/Device (Subscriber) belongs. Note this is the IP addressed network, which is routed on the APN and not the Provider such as Vodacom or MTN. Networks are specific to Resellers and therefore you will only see the Networks to which you can assign an MSISDN/Device. You should consult with the Bytes Systems Integration team to confirm the Network before making a change here.