This article will show you how to Suspending a Subscriber in Atom

Suspending a Subscriber

Please ensure you have read the section ‘Viewing and managing MSISDN/Devices (Subscribers)

To suspend a subscriber select the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) you wish to Suspend and select the Suspend button. Note that once you suspend the subscriber you should select the Disconnect button in the Subscriber summary view to terminate the existing session on the APN. You should also select the ‘Connections’ tab and ensure any open sessions are disconnected as the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) may have multiple sessions. Once suspended the Subscriber will no longer be able to connect to the APN and consume data. A notification will be added to the Subscriber to confirm as ‘Suspended’ as shown below.

To view who suspended the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) you can select the Audit Log tab. The audit log tab will present an audit of all changes to the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) and who made the relevant change.