This article will show you Viewing and understanding Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) Connections in Atom

Viewing and understanding Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) Connections

Please ensure you have read the section ‘Viewing and managing MSISDN/Devices (Subscribers)

Select the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) you wish to review. Select the ‘Connections’ tab to list and view the Connections for the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device).

Each time a Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) connects to the network a session is added to the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) view. To view connections select the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device).

The connections view aides in the troubleshooting of connectivity issues. The connection view provides a historical view of the (MSISDN/Device) connections as well as usage for that session when the session was started and ended and the cause of the session disconnect.

Session disconnects will typically be ‘User-Request’ which means user disconnected from the network, ‘Admin-Request’ which means an admin in the system disconnected the session or ‘NAS-Error’ which means there was a network error which caused the disconnect.

Other detail will include the IP address the Subscriber (MSISDN/Device) was connected with, when the session was started when it was stopped and how much data was consumed during that session.