Assigning more data to a capped Subscriber

Please ensure you have read the section ‘Viewing and managing Subscribers'

You can at any time assign additional data to a capped subscriber, however, note the following:

  • Only a Reseller Admin or Top Level Admin can assign a Top Up.
  • The product to which the subscriber is assigned must support and be configured for Top Ups. If the subscriber is assigned to a product, which does not support the ‘Top Up’ capability, the option to top up the subscriber will not be available.
  • Any assigned Top Up values will be removed at month-end as there is no carry-over of ‘Top Up’ data at the start of a new month.
  • The amount of data allowed for Top Up’s and the amount of Top Up’s allowed is defined by the Product as assigned to the subscriber. As an example, if a data volume of 500MB is allowed for Top Up’s and a maximum of 3 Top Up’s is allowed then you can either only Top Up to a maximum of 500MB for the month or Top Up 3 times to a total combined Top Up value of 500MB. This restriction is specific to each subscriber with a product configured that allows Top Ups.
  • Top Up’s are added to the audit log confirming the amount of Top Up’s and who assigned the Top Up.