This article will describe the Subscriber Threshold Reached in P8AUTH.

The subscriber threshold notifications consist of 4 different percentages.

The notification emails are triggered on the levels you have specified however in the event that you receive a notification saying 97% used for example, please note the following:

The reason for this is that each provider (Vodacom or MTN) sends what is called an interim update to the P8Auth system. The interim update confirms the amount of data used by the connected subscriber since the last interim update was received. P8auth adds usage from each interim update to the overall usage for the subscriber.

Note that Vodacom currently sends an interim update every 5 minutes. So P8Auth can only calculate usage every 5 minutes for a Vodacom subscriber.

In this example the usage for the subscriber was sitting pre 90%, 5 minutes later an interim update was received from Vodacom confirmed the latest usage value for the subscriber equalled 97% of the subscriber's cap. At that point, P8Auth triggered the 90% usage notification level and sent the email confirming the actual usage.