What is Protect Agent?

Protect Agent is an onsite relaying DNS server for Protect. With the Agent installed you can associate a private IP or IP range to a user on Protect. This means you can apply different filtering policies based on private IP or IP range behind a router from Protect.

* The Agent requires Protect

How does the Protect Agent work?

that Protect Agent itself is a forwarding DNS server. It does filtering by querying Protect and it works as a DNS server by forwarding DNS queries to your local DNS server. For the Protect Agent, the Protect is not the upstream DNS server but a policy server. The upstream server is your existing DNS server or MS DNS server if you are on Active Directory. This means even if you lose the connection to Protect your network will be working fine. You will not have any issues with Active Directory integration or local domain resolving as all the queries will be resolved by your local DNS server.

Why do you need to configure a default user?

The reason why we advised that a default user needs to be created, is for reporting purposes. If you have a director's profile set up and use the director's token, the reports for the whole company will come from the director's profile but with different IP's.

It is advised that the default user's token be used if you have a director's profile setup, as any query coming from the director will have a different username to the rest of the LAN.

This eliminates any confusion with the reports.