Follow the below to install the Protect Agent

Installing the Protect Agent on to Windows as a Windows service.

1. Download the zip package from Atom -

2. Extract it into 'c:/P8DNS-Agent'.

3. On CMD

cd c:/P8DNS-Agent/bin
net start P8DNSAgent

*Requires the latest version of Java to run.

How to configure Protect Agent

To set up the Protect Agent, you will need to configure the file.

Windows = c:/P8DNS Agent/conf/ (open in notepad) 

Please assign the following to the file:

server =,

token = BSYEB28O (This is the token per site)

local_dns =

local_domain =

Variable meanings:

This is the Protect IPs of /
This is your User token configured in Protect (This links your Protect to the Protect Agent)
This is the local DNS servers
This is the local domain if the Agent is running a windows server

Once the above has been configured please make sure DHCP scope points DNS to the server IP of the Agent.

*If installed on the same server then please refer to the below to create a listen_ip

If you are installing on the same server where the DNS manager is running please follow the below steps:


1.1 Ensure you have an open IP Address on the network.

2.1 In the file, add listen_ip = <IP Address>

     <IP Address> = The open IP address on the network.


2.1 Open Network and Sharing center and go to Properties for the main internet interface.

2.2 Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties

2.3 Click Advanced

2.4 Under IP addresses add the open IP address assigned to listen_ip


3.1 Open DNS Manager

3.2 Go to Action>Properties

3.3 Under Listen on: click 'Only the following IP addresses'

3.4 Ensure the IP address assigned to listen_ip is unchecked

3.5 Apply the settings


4.1 You will then open c:/P8DNS Agent/conf/

4.2 You will add in listen_ip = 

4.3 Add the listen IP you just assigned.

4.4 Apply the settings and restart P8DNS service.

Which Protect policy to apply

When you run the Protect Agent as the DNS server for your network, it starts filtering with the policy associated with the login token you set up in the config file.

You can add a User's token which can be created under Protect console>Users

For a single site, use the default user's token which needs to be created.

For multiple sites, add each user (sites), token to each relevant site.