If you would like the enable the content filter please follow these steps:

Step 1.

 Go to Web Security>Settings>URL FIlter - Please make sure you have enabled URL Filtering

Step 2.

Next, go to Web Security>Web Profiles

Click edit on the default profile you wish to configure.

Step 3.

Configure your profile details:

Action: Select the action the profile will use - if you would like to block certain categories, then please select Block by category etc.

Time Schedule: If you would like to allow certain categories for a certain time duration then please create a Time Schedule first to assign here.

Network Source: This will majority of the time be set to LAN

Filter Mode: If you have configured the proxy in the users browser, then you will specify Normal, If no proxy has been set, then leave it as Transparent.

Authentication Mode: Generally left as None if Transparent mode is selected. If set to Normal and you would like the users to sign in when they access the internet, then set to Portal.

Authentication Object: If you have an AD synced with the UTM, you can specify which user this policy can be applied to.

Category List - If you have selected Allow/Block by category, then please go through the categories and tick which category you would like to block/allow.

Custom URLs: These get used as a way of manually configuring URL whitelisting/blacklisting.

                         If you would like to always allow www.facebook.com, then please specify .facebook.com in the Always Allowed group and visa versa for Always Blocked.

You can also block certain file extensions by selecting them.

Once you have configured the profile, click Save.

Your profile will now be active.