If you are getting `failure: closing connection: <401 Unauthorized>` or `BadAuth Error` when trying to update your DynDNs, please read below which will explain the process and reason to updating DynDns.

When setting up Protect, one of the tasks is to add the DynDns account specified by P8NDS to your router.

Once you click on the activation email, you will be redirected to create your Console password.

After that you will move on to see your account details as well as your DynDns details.

You will then put your Console password in and this will then generate your DynDns password.

When setting up DynDns on your router please make sure, you use your DynDns password else, you will get BadAuth error and the account will be locked.

If you are experiencing this, please contact support@tph.io for assistance to resolve the issue.