System Users

Go to System - User Manager

System Users are users designed to allow access to the Percol8UTM device. These Users have privileges assigned to them to view or make changes to the configurations on the Percol8UTM device. 

VPN Users are users designed for authentication on services such as web or VPN.  

The table below illustrates System and VPN Users that have been set up:


To edit a user, click on the pencilicon; deleting a user can be done by clicking on the  button once you have marked  the user. 

To create a new user, click on the  Button.

Creating a new user will provide the following configuration options:

  • Defined by - This point advise the current logged-in account being used to make changes to the chosen Group. In this case, the SYSTEM user is the administrator of the Percol8UTM machine. 
  • Disabled  - Ticking this box will ensure that the user’s account is disabled from accessing the Percol8UTM device without deleting the account.
  • Username - Enter the username for the user to log into the Percol8UTM device. This will also be the username for the user to authenticate using the VPN
  • Password - Enter the password for the user to log onto the Percol8UTM device.This will also be the password for the user to authenticate using the VPN. This will need to be confirmed by entering it twice.
  • Full name - Enter the full name of the user in the field provided.
  • Expiration date - This feature is useful for users who will only require temporary access to the Percol8UTM device or VPN. Select the user’s validity of access from the calendar or leave blank for no restriction.
  • Group memberships - This option allows the administrator to place the user in a System Group while setting up this account. To activate, select from the list of Groups provided by clicking on the group required. Then move it to the right hand side of the screen by clicking on the blue arrows. Leave this black when setting up a VPN user.
  • Certificate - Click the box if you would like to create a User Certificate.If the VPN requires a user VPN you can create the certificate here. If not, leave black and skip `Create Certificate for User`
  • Autorized SSH keys - Should a key be required for this user, check the box to allow the pasting of the Authorized key.
  • IPsec pre shared key - The Internet Protocol security pre-shared key may be entered into the field provided for IPsec users

On completion, click on the Save button to save changes for users

Once you have completed the user setup, click here to export the VPN client.