Viscosity is a first class OpenVPN client for Mac 

Installing Viscosity

Step 1. You will first need to download the Viscosity bundle. Click here.

Step 2. Click and run the application on your OS and follow the steps to install.

Step 3. Once you have installed the Viscosity program, you will need to download the VPN configurations file for the Firewall. To do this click here.

Configuring Viscosity

Once you have download Viscosity configuration file from the firewall, you will now be able to add the configuration file to Viscosity.

Step 1. Open Viscosity, this will open in your notifications bar.

Step 2. Click on the Viscosity icon and click Preferences

Step 3. Once Viscosity has opened, click the + icon and select Import Connection From File

Step 4. Click on the configuration file that downloaded from the firewall. This will automatically add the configuration to Viscosity and the VPN should be set up.

Step 5. Click back on the Viscosity Icon. You should see your VPN. Click on the VPN, enter your auth credentials and the VPN will now connect.