Installing and Configuring OpenVPN


*If you would like to install OpenVPN from their website as you just have a config file, please click here, and download the Windows .Zip installer and follow Step 3.

*If you do not have a config file and need to download one from the firewall, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1. OpenVPN will install with the configurations file, which is downloaded from the firewall.

Step 2. Log into the firewall and download the  version. 


*For more assistance with downloading the configurations file, click here.

Step 3. Once you have downloaded the configurations file, right click the file and Run as Administrator.

Step 4. Follow the installation instructions

Step 5. Once installed, make sure you have set the program to Run in Administrator mode.

Step 6. OpenVPN will now be in your taskbar.

             Right click the OpenVPN and your VPN configurations file will already be configured and ready to connect.

             Enter your credentials and say connect.

             The VPN will connect successfully.