Follow these steps to configure or reconfigure the WAN interface for a new connection.


Create a new gateway.

Log into the firewall and go to Connectivity>Interfaces>Routing

Click on the + button and create a new gateway for the new connection.

Step 2.

Edit the WAN interface

Go to Connectivity>Interfaces>WAN

Change the IP address to the new connections IP and change the gateway to the new gateway that was created in Step 1.

*Make sure at this step the new connection is plugged into the WAN port of the firewall.

Click save once configured.

Step 3.

Make sure that the DNS servers are correctly configured and they are not configured for the old WAN ip address.

Go to System Setup>Setup>General Setup

Step 4.

Remove old gateway.

Go to Connectivity>Interfaces>Routing

Make sure the new gateway has `Default Gateway` checked.

If there are any static routes set, please edit them and change the gateway to the new gateway under Connectivity>Interfaces>Routing - Routes tab

Once that is all checked and changed, delete the old gateway.