This document explains how to import the P8Auth subscriber report file into excel and reformat the username and SIM card number columns to show the full detail. 


P8Auth report displays the username column and sim card columns in scientific notation. E.g. '8.932E+19'.  When changing the format of the cells to 'number', all SIM card cells are updated with an incorrect SIM number. See fig 1 for an example.

Fig: 1


Upon opening the csv file, excel will display large numbers in scientific notation and truncate numbers larger than 15 digits. Any truncated digits will be replaced with a zero '0'.


To resolve this issue, follow the below steps to import the Subscriber report into excel and update the Username and SIM number columns to text format.

Note: The below instructions are based off of Office 365 and may vary from your version of excel. The principle however remains the same in terms of import and conversation of SIM numbers to text.

Step 1: Important, if you are using Office 365, first check to ensure the legacy import options are enabled.  See here Enable Office 365 Excel Legacy Import Features

Step 2: Open a new excel spreadsheet

Step 3: Office 365 - Select 'Data'  tab ->  'Get Data' button -> 'Legacy Wizards'  -> from 'Text (Legacy)'. For other version of Excel please select 'Data' tab -> 'From text'. Both options shown below


Step 4: Select the Auth subscriber csv report to import into excel

Step 5: Select 'Delimited' as the data type and click next

Step 6: Select 'Tab' and 'Comma' as delimiters

Step 7: Set the 'Username' column to 'Text'

Step 8: Set the 'SIM' card column to 'Text' and click 'Finish'

Conclusion: The SIM card column should now be displayed correctly.