Policies are created to allow and block certain DNS queries from your network. Multiple policies may be created when the protect relay or proxy is used. The information below will guide you when creating your policy.


  1. To create a new policy, go to the tab Policies and click Create New Policy.

      2. Below are the configuration options you may select when creating your policy.

Configuration Option
Block All
Use the option to block all queries except for custom list entries. For example, block all except for access to www.mywebsite.com
Block DNS Rebinding

Block Unclassified
Blocks all queries that do not have a classification, For example, facebook.com is classified as Social Networking.
Block Covert Channel

Ad Removal
Blocks all queries deemed to be Adware.
Logging Only
Logs all queries with no blocking.
Exclude Youtube Safe Search
Safe search on Youtube will be excluded from Google safe search.


Configuration OptionDescription
OffNo safe search enabled
ModerateExcludes sexually explicit videos and images from your Google Search result pages.
StrictFilters sexually explicit images and videos from Google Search result pages and results that may link to explicit 

Please note that moderate filtering does not filter results that may link to other explicit content


  • There are 54 categories you may select. 
  • Each category you select will be blocked.
  • Explanations to each category will be shown as you hover over them. 

Custom lists can be used to override blocked categories. For example, you block social media, however still want to allow linkedin.com. In this case, you would create a custom list for *.linkedin.com to allow access to linkedin.com

A video below to help users understand the steps visually