Protect networks refer to the actual site or location where the service will be implemented. The network will either be configured with a public IP address or a DynDns hostname. For example, if I am creating a network for my business, I will create the network "TPH Office" with the DynDns hostname ""


  1. To create a new network, go to the tab Networks and click New Network.

      2. Below are the configuration options you may select when creating your network.

Configuration Option
Network NameEnter a name for your network
Network Description (optional)
Give a description of your network.
PolicyAssign the policy for your network.
IP Address / Hostname
Enter the IP address or Hostname (dyndns, noip etc) assigned to your internet connection

Any queries from the listed IP address or Hostname will be mapped by Protect to your network security profile. Note if you intend on using the Protect Proxy or Relay agents then you can enter any IP address here for now.

A video below to help users understand the steps visually