The purpose of Alerts in Protect is to notify the user if any of the selected categories have been queried. If a catefory has been queried, the alert will be sent via email within the selected interval. The alert will show the time, domain and network identity, (if applicable).


  1. To create a new alert, go to the tab Alerts and click New Alert.

      2. Below are the configuration options you may select when creating your alert.

Configuration Option
First Name | Last Name
First and Last name of the user configuring the alerts.
Email AddressThe email address the alerts will be sent to.
IntervalHow often the user would like alerts to be sent.


  • There are 54 categories you may select. 
  • Each category you select will be alerted on.
  • Explanations to each category will be shown as you hover over them. 

A video below to help users understand the steps visually