Congratulations on signing up with Protect. 

The steps below will guide you on configuring your router and get Protect up and running in your environment.

If you have any difficulties with the below steps, please do not hesitate to give us a call, and one of our technical members will happily be able to assist.

To configure your router after signing up with Protect and activiating your account, please follow the steps below. If you do not have a static public IP address, you will require a Dynamic DNS account. 


1.Have your static public IP or DynDns hostname ready.

2. Log in to the Protect portal and go to the Networks tab.

3. Edit your desired network, and enter the IP address or hostname in the IP Address/Hostname field.


Now that Protect has your IP Address / Hostname configured, you can now configure your router


1. Log in to your router

2. Locate your DNS options. (Normally under WAN settings or LAN DHCP configuration)

3. Change your primary and secondary DNS options to,

4. Save and exit.

Once you have changed your DNS options on your router, all DNS queries will be mapped to your policy on Protect.