A license is required for each configured network and network identity. If using the Protect Relay agent, the agent will report on the total number of devices making use of the filter. If making use of the Protect Proxy agent then every installed agent will require a unique token - thereby requiring a unique network identity. You can make use of a combination of both the Protect Relay agent and Protect Proxy agent identified under a single network identity. If not making use of the Protect Relay agent or Protect Proxy agent then the license count will be based solely on the total amount of queries originating from your network.

Licensed queries are based on a fair usage policy dependent on the number of purchased licenses. A subscription upgrade will be required if you have exceeded your total license count or if the total licensed queries are exceeded over a period of a month


Information you will see when viewing the Subscription Details tab:

Configuration Option
SubscriptionInformation regarding your subscription.
StatusShows if the status is Active or not.
Is the subscription a trial? Yes or no.
Licensed Queries
The total number of queries provisioned based on the subscription.
Actual Queries

The number of actual DNS queries used.

How many licenses allowed based on the subscription.
Assigned Licenses
How many licenses assigned.