Installing the Cyren Inbox Security Outlook Add-in

Office 365 Admin Center

Add in the Manifest File.

The URL must be used exactly as shown, otherwise, the installation will fail.

You must use the following URL for installing the Inbox Security Outlook add-in:

Before you begin the installation, check the following prerequisites instructions provided by Microsoft:

1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 admin center. If needed, click the ... Show all menu option. 

2. Select Settings>Add-ins.  If you don't see the Add-in Page, go to the Settings > Integrated apps. 

3. Click Add-Ins.

4. Click Deploy Add-In. 

5. The Deploy a new add-In window is displayed.

6. Click Next, and select Upload custom apps.

7. Select I have a URL for the manifest file.

8. Copy the URL shown in the section entitled Add-in Manifest file into the entry field. Click Upload

9. Wait for the manifest file to be processed. 

10. Select which users you want to have access to the Inbox Security Outlook add-in

The Centralized Deployment feature currently supports the majority of groups supported by Azure Active Directory, including Office 365 Groups, distribution lists, and security groups.

Non-mail enabled security groups are not currently supported.

11. Optionally, scroll down to specify deployment options. 

12. Click Deploy.

The Inbox Security Outlook add-in can take up to 12 hours to deploy to the users' ribbons.

13. Click Next.

14. Announce the Inbox Security Outlook add-in to your users.