From time to time you may encounter the below login page. This means that Protect is unable to verify your home's internet connection address.

We enabled the pass phrase feature to allow you to log in and continue browsing while you resolve the issue stated above by checking your router settings.

NB! Your 'pass phrase' and actual Protect 'account password' are not the same. You can, therefore, hand out the 'pass phrase' to other members in your household. But don't hand out your 'account password' :) 

To login using your pass phrase, please use a combination of your user account (email address) and the 'pass phrase' you have configured.

To reset or configure your pass phrase

  1. Login to the Protect Portal using your Protect 'account username' and 'account password'
  2. Click on the settings cog in the top right of your browser window 

  3. Click on "My Account" 

  4. Select the "Other" TAB 

  5. Set your "pass phrase"
  6. Click save

What is the "Login Token". Click here to find out