It may happen that for what ever reason your router is not updating your dynamic DNS host record. This will be evident in the fact that you receive the below login screen when trying to browse the Internet from your home connection.

To troubleshoot this issue do the following:

Using your favourite web browser (I.e Internet Explorer, Chrome etc) 

  1. Click here to confirm your home's connected IP address
  2. Click here to login to The Packet Hub Customer Portal. 
  3. Select the "view" button next to your license 

  4. On the license view page, select the "Update Information" button next to "Dynamic Last Update At:" 

  5. Check the IP address being reported "Dynamic Last Registered IP Address" 

  6. Compare this IP address to the IP address shown in step 1. Note: the above is an example.  If the IP address is the same then you should have no issues browsing and should not receive the error above. If this issue persists then please email us as If the IP address is not the same then you probably have an issue with your router config.

To confirm Dynamic DNS settings on your router please click here and follow the steps outlined for your specific router.

If you would like to confirm your Dynamic DNS hostname and password then please click here.