Notification is an important feature of the Protect product as notifications bring to your attention the fact that someone has attempted access to a blocked website.

There are two distinct management features with regards to notifications.

  1. The ability to set the time interval for alerts.
  2. The ability to set notifications for specific categories.

Please see below for details on how to manage each of these features.

Notification Interval

  1. Login to the Protect console
  2. Click on the settings cog in the top right of the window
  3. Click on 'My Account'
  4. Select the notifications tab
  5. Confirm the email address for notifications
  6. Set the time period or disable if you wish. The time period will be if the site is matched send email notification within x minutes.
  7. Save your settings

Category Notifications

  1. Login to the Protect console
  2. Select 'Policy' from the left menu

  3. Under the Policy Configuration tab look for 'Blocked Categories' 
  4. Select the bell icon next to the category to either enable or disable notifications for the category. In the below example you will see 'Adware' category is selected and notifications will be sent for this category.

  5. Save your settings.

We have enabled notifications per category allowing you to configure your custom preference in when to be alerted to a match.