To block Torrents on a Percol8UTM device follow the below steps:

1.1 Create or adjust the web profile that will match the users you wish to block Torrents for by changing the action, to block by category that is applied to the web profile. 

1.2 Select the category 'Torrent Repository, Piracy & Copyright Theft' under 'Criminal Activities' which will prevent users from being able to download the torrent tracking files.

1.3 Under the parent category 'Technology', select Peer-to-Peer category which will block specific peer-to-peer websites.

1.4 For people already having download the torrent file externally and bringing the torrent into the office, you can block the known public trackers by implementing a Firewall rule (see below).


To create a firewall rule to block known public torrent trackers follow the below steps:

2.1 Create an Alias and set the type to 'URL table'

2.2 Specify the URL as

2.3 This creates a new FW rule on the LAN interface that sits above the LANs default rules that allow outbound traffic.

2.4 Select Source as being the LAN network, the destination as the Alias previously created and select the action to be reject or deny.

This rule will block traffic to remote Public tracker sites for the entire LAN. You are able to customize the source to be a specific set of users/IP addresses to not block the entire LAN.