Password Reset

If you have lost your admin password and are unable to login via the webGUI nor the console follow these steps to reset the admin password:

  1. Reboot the device
  2. When the device is booting up you will be presented with the option to continue booting with the current kernel or press any other key to escape automatic booting. Press any other key
    >Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
    >Booting [/boot/kernel/kernel] in 8 seconds... 
  3. You will be presented with the following prompt
  4. At that prompt type boot -s to boot into Single user mode
  5. Once the boot process has finished you will be at the command prompt
  6. Run file system checks on both / and /cf
    >/sbin/fsck -y /
    >/sbin/fsck -y /cf 
  7. Mount the partitions read+writable as follows
    >/sbin/mount -a -rw -t ufs
  8. Ensure the partitions are read-writable by issuing the mount command
    >/dev/ufs/pfsense1 on / (ufs, local, noatime, synchronous)
    >/dev/ufs/cf on /cf (ufs, local, noatime, synchronous) 
  9. Then run the following 2 commands
  10. Follow the prompts to reset the password and finally reboot