To deploy P8DNS on a Microsoft Hyper-V environment the following minimum requirements are needed.

  • 4GB of RAM
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 40GB of disk space

To deploy the Hyper-V image please follow the following steps:

  1. Open up 'Hyper-V Manager', for example from the 'Server Manager' windows you can click on 'Tools'

  2. Select the Hyper-V Virtualisation server from the window pane on the left to deploy P8DNS On Site

  3. Select 'Import Virtual Machine' from the windows pane on the right

  4. Once the 'Import Virtual Machine' Wizard is displayed, select the folder where the image is stored. Make sure you have uncompressed the downloaded image. Then click 'Next'.

  5. Select 'P8DNS' as the virtual machine to import and click 'Next'.

  6. Select the type of import to perform. Ensure that 'Register the virtual machine in-place (use the existing unique ID)' is selected and then press 'Next'.

  7. Choose the folders for where your environment stores the Virtual Machine's files and then select 'Next'. 

  8. Chose the folder for where you want to store the imported virtual hard disk and then select 'Next'.

  9. The final window of the Wizard will display a summary of your chosen settings. Select 'Finish' which will then start processing the import of the virtual machine.

  10. Once it has finished importing it will be listed in the 'Virtual Machines' section of the Hyper-V Manager and in State of 'Off'

  11. Select the P8DNS VM and click 'Settings'. From the Settings window for the VM ensure to select the relevant VSwitch the VM should use. In the example below we have a 'Virtual Switch' with the name of 'VSwitch'. Once the 'Network Adaptor' has been assigned the correct 'Virtual Switch', press 'OK'.

  12. Click 'Start' from the window pane on the right under 'P8DNS' VM and then click 'Connect'.

  13. The P8DNS VM will boot and once it has successfully booted you will be presented with the login screen