Follow the below steps to configure inbound routing for Office 365

Step One

1.1 Login to the Office 365 Administration Console.

1.2 Select the Admin

1.3 Click Admin centers and click Exchange.

Step Two

2.1 Select the Mail Flow | Connectors menu item and create a new connector.

Step Three

Complete the P8Mail to 365 Connector - Select Your Mail Flow Scenario dialog as follows:

3.1 Make sure you select From: Partner Organisation and To: Office 365

3.2 Name the connector P8MAIL to 365.

Step Four

4.1 Add the name for the connector

Step Five

5.1 Click Use the sender's domain.

Step Six

6.1 Add * as a senders domain.

Step Seven

7.1 Add the TPH IP networks.

Step Eight

8.1 Confirm settings and save.